The Cosign: 7 Things You Should Know About Bryson Tiller


Bryson Tiller is bound to blow any moment now. No, really, it’s just a matter of time (listen to “Don’t Worry/Molly” for affirmation).

Hailing from Louisville, KY, home to boxing great, Cassius Clay a.k.a. Muhammad Ali, the 21-year-old rapper/singer is gunning for the top spot as both a household name and hometown hero. Heralded by the blogosphere and a few notable hitmakers as a rising star you ought to know, Tiller has cleverly made his mark, both IRL and URL-wise, proving that he’s more than just an Internet sensation,

Sweep through his SoundCloud and millions have flocked to his nostalgic yet fresh sound. Straddling the line between hypnotic, slow jams and swagger-filled, Southern rap joints, Tiller’s cuts stick with you. (Especially when he cleverly compares the size of his blunts to bankrolls).

Hop on the bandwagon and get familiar with Louisville’s next big thing above.–Ashley Monaé (@chicmonae)