$10,000 Worth Of Weed Fell From The Sky In Arizona


Have you ever wished you lived in Arizona? Probably not. But seeing as though $10,000 worth of marijuana fell from the sky, we wouldn’t judge you for wanting to relocate.

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According to The Guardian, Maya Donnelly awoke in the middle of the night to what she assumed was thunder. Living near the U.S. Mexico boarder, Donnelly paid it no attention and went back to sleep. When she woke up, she saw pieces of wood on the ground, and within that, a bulky bundle wrapped in a package that turned out to be nearly 26-pounds of greenery.

Once again, why don’t we live in Arizona?

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Officials say the bundle is estimated to be worth nearly $10,000 and was likely dropped accidentally by a drug smuggler. However, they’re trying to determine if the Mary Jane was transported by an aircraft or a pilotless drone.

“Someone definitely made a mistake, and who knows what the outcome of that mistake might be for them,” Police Chief Derek Arnson said.

Whoever this is only had ONE job to do.

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