50 Cent Slams BET Hip Hop Awards And The Emmys For ‘Power’ Brush-Off


50 Cent has been very vocal on promoting his show Power, which was an even bigger hit this year than its debut in 2014. Now, after the fall season’s major award shows announced their nomination lists, the Queens native’s show was left off the roster, taking to his Instagram account to reveal his reaction.

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“Man these people act like Power ain’t sh*t,” the “Patiently Waiting” rapper said. “See why I be trippin I saw that trophy in the store for $20 bucks I’m gonna just go buy one fu*k it.”

He later continued with another Insta-post, this time aimed at the BET Hip Hop Awards, typing, “Director of the Year, where the fu*k is Eif Rivera? You have the same list every year. SMH wack.”


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