Make Sure You Put Designer Alexander ‘XJ’ Jackson On Your Radar


Alexander Jackson is making it a point to flourish in fashion by pairing hand craftsmanship with timeless designs. The mastermind and creator behind it all shares his vision and what exactly influenced the recent “Purebred American Mutt” collection. According to Jackson, who got his start in 2011, he wanted to capture the perfect balance between the fast paced lifestyle of NYC while embodying the pureness of Northern Cali’s mountains and valleys. XJ is making his best impression on the fashion industry by teaming up with creative agency 92DreamTeam to welcome their first ever pop-up retail store.

“The idea behind Purebred American Mutt came about during a conversation with my tattoo artist back in 2008,” Jackson said. “My tattoo artist made the comment, ‘Hey man, were all just mix breed nationals, pure bred American Mutts.’ And the phrase stuck with me. The irony of “pure bred” and “mutt” intrigued me, because I felt it very much fit the mood and mindset of the people in this country.” After the help from his tattoo artist, the rest of the ideas just flowed effortlessly for Jackson as he found inspiration to bring his ideas to life.

“When I design, I am creating the garments that fit into a story. For the Purebred American Mutt story I wanted to find a graphic backdrop, that I could use throughout the collection and further the story. I came upon the “Mutt & Jeff” comics and knew I found the perfect marriage.” XJ felt that the first Sunday comic ran in America had the perfect esthetic to fit the brand. It was exactly what he was looking for. “They were also the common American man. They were swindlers and gamblers, and sometimes heavy drinkers. They were always a little down on their luck and just trying to make it. While the comics were at times just slapstick fun, they also were the times political satire, and social commentary. Such an integral part of American culture for so many years, there was no better comic to go with the collection.”

The Purebred American Mutt pop-up shop will cater to that exact audience, and will be held from Sept. 18-20 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. “Alexander Jackson was created for those who aspire for a life that has purpose and balance; is sophisticated and romantic, while being both rugged and elegant. They are whiskey drinkers, cigar smokers, and cultured. They love great food, and good literature.”

As the classic men of America who enjoy a glass of whiskey every now and then can generously do so at the kickoff party for the newest addition to the XJ line, which will be held tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“Alexander Jackson garments are the staple items of a man’s wardrobe. Each piece was made to wear within the varying landscapes that we face in our lives.”