#BlackModelsMatter: The Push For Diversity In The Fashion Industry Has Gone Viral This NYFW


Year after year, the fashion world’s blind spot has become more and more apparent: black models. “Where are they,” you may ask? Unfortunately, our guess is as good as yours.

However, in recent fashion weeks , major players and influencers of the industry have taken their sartorial power and social media presence to make statements in regards to discrimination against those of the African-American community. This year at New York Fashion Week, one artist/model continued the silent protest in the name of fashion.

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New York-based Ashley B. Chew’s street style fashion called out the lack-thereof black models on runways and in campaigns and magazine ads. Her chosen outfit featured a white tank top mimicking a Pantone color watch affixed with the word “BLACKNESS,” completed with a D.I.Y “BLACK MODELS MATTER” purse, which is of course a play on words of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Chew’s outfit has since gone viral and become a top #NYFW tag. No word on the designer details of her shirt of if she’ll be trademarking the bag and selling it, but kudos to her for this outfit!