Atlanta Brothers Attempt To Kill Parents, Police Reveal The Plan Was At Least Six Years Old


Atlanta brothers Cameron and Christopher Ervin, ages 17 and 22, were arrested after reportedly attempting to kill their parents Yvonne and Zachary Ervin. According to police, Cameron and Christopher put Xanax in their parents’ cocktails, and brutally beat them while letting natural gas seep into the house. A 911 call was placed by Yvonne, who said that her husband had been distracting their sons so that she could call for help. When authorities arrived at the Snellville home, Zachary was found “severely injured and bleeding heavily,” while Yvonne was “seriously injured,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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Once at the Gwinnett County police headquarters, the Ervin brothers were “cooperative” with detectives for interviews, authorities confirmed. In a search warrant released Monday (Sept. 14), it was revealed that the latest attempt to kill Yvonne and Zachary was not the first. Both Cameron and Christopher admitted to “attempting to set the residence on fire, [attempting to strangle] their parents with a pillow and/or plastic bag, and stabbing the father.” One brother also admitted that he has been planning to kill his parents since he was 11 years old, according WSB-TV.

While an exact motive has not been pinned down in regard to their attempt to kill their parents, Cameron and Christopher allege that they had a “bad home life.” They are being charged with two counts of aggravated assault and first-degree arson.