Watch President Obama Do A Mean One-Two Step With Alaskan Middle Schoolers


Being as though President Barack Obama calls Chicago home, one would think he’d want to stay as far away from snow and cold as possible. That seems to be the opposite of what he’s been doing. For three days, number 44 has been visiting Alaska to speak to people about climate change, and on his last day he made the most of it.

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While stopping by Dillingham Middle School, the President decided to show off his one-two step with a bunch of students. Some would agree Obama is a fine president, but in the past whenever he’s demonstrated his rhythmic abilities, members on both sides of the political aisle agreed that was an area he should work on… for the American people of course.

However, with a little time (and maybe a lot of help from Michelle) the President has seemingly gotten better.

Check out Barack Obama’s mean one-two step below.

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