Thanks To BET, Black&Sexy TV Made The Big Jump From Computer Screens To TV Sets

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The creative minds behind Black Entertainment Television are making moves to bring web series to life on the boob tube. Select web shorts have transitioned from YouTube to the comfort of everyone’s living room as BET Networks reached an agreement with Black&Sexy TV. Three of the digital network’s original web series—”Hello Cupid,” “RoomieLoverFriends” and “Sexless”—to be aired on the cable channel.

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The first one up to bat from the three show deal will be “RoomieLoverFriends,” which covers two roommates who complicate things after a night in bed. “Hello Cupid” focused on the issue of colorism, as a dark-skinned woman changes her online dating profile picture to one of her light-skinned best friend to sit back and watch the variation of interest in potential prospects. “Sexless” zooms in on the struggle of pack of female friends who attempt to find real relationships while trying to maintain the “no-sex” factor.

“We noticed Black&Sexy TV has a dedicated fan base, and their fans’ obsession for this content mirrors the obsession our audience has for BET and our content,” said Pete Danielsen, BET’s executive VP of program planning, scheduling and acquisitions.

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Prior to the big BET deal, Black&Sexy TV made its debut onto the scene back in 2011 as an original spinoff from part-owner Dennis Dortch’s 2008 Sundance Film, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy“RoomieLoverFriends” aired last night (Sept. 16) at 11 p.m. ET and will continue airing for hour-long episodes on Wednesdays for three more weeks.