Beyonce’s Video Of Her Family Vacation Will Give You All The Heartwarming Feels


Somewhere on some beautiful resort, Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy are spending some quality time on a family vacation.

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For simpletons like the rest of us, family outings maybe carpooling to granny’s house in Memphis, or going to Disneyland. For the Carters, family vacays are usually off the coast of some exotic island that requires two or three tries before you properly pronounce it.

Over the weekend, Bey uploaded a heartwarming video of her family enjoying one another’s time. Jay Z was seen eating fruit, Beyonce was looking gorgeous in her beautiful summer threads and Blue Ivy, who seems to be growing at lightening speeds, was dancing all over the place.

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WARNING: If you’re living the single life and fake happy about it, this video might awaken a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart researchers have call love.


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