Bill Cosby Searches For New Lawyer In Re-Opened Sexual Assault Case


Bill Cosby is seeking a new criminal lawyer to fight a complaint regarding a 2005 sexual assault case concerning a former Temple employee, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The accuser in the 2005 case, Andrea Constand, said that Cosby, who was on the board of trustees at Temple at the time, befriended and mentored her before drugging and sexually abusing her during a visit to his home in January 2004. Cosby acknowledged that he had relations with Constand that night in a deposition tape released earlier this year, but claimed it was consensual.

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The case has been reopened amidst current allegations surrounding the comedian, in which several women have come forward claiming Cosby had sexually abused them. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman says that prosecutors can re-investigate a complaint “…when current information might lead to a different decision.” Constand’s lawyer Dolores Troiani said that prosecutors in Pennsylvania can have up to 12 years to bring a felony sexual assault case to a court, meaning they could possibly see a judge as early as January 2016.

“She’s a very strong lady,” said Troiani of her client.

Cosby, 78, has acknowledged he has participated in sexual activity with several women; however, he has said that it was always consensual and the women never took any drugs (specifically quaaludes) unknowingly.

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