Bomba Estereo’s Liliana Drops A Swimsuit Line For “Natural” Girls


Earlier this summer, Bomba Estéreo released their fourth studio LP, Amanecer, which we spoke at length about here. On the heels of their major label debut, while running the festival circuit, lead singer Liliana Saumet returned to her designer roots. La Colombiana dropped a swimsuit line primarily catered to the au naturel, inspired by nature and wildlife.

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“Girls who wear Banana Girl are natural girls who love and respect their body for how it is,” Li told Noisey. “Healthy from the inside and from the outside. They are Banana Girls—natural and authentic.”

With intentions of defying fashion standards and what is considered beautiful across the globe, Li crafted a string of bright prints and cute cuts reminiscent of yesteryear. “… the brand Banana Girl was created to promote a healthy lifestyle in which girls value, appreciate and understand their body as it is,” she added. “The brand has a vintage style that references the 1950s and 1960s when more models reflected a ‘real woman’s’ body.”

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Check out the collection in the gallery above, featuring a bevy of girls from around the world.