Bryshere “Yazz” Gray Teases Fans With ‘Empire’ Season Two Details

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The highly anticipated second season of the hit show Empire returns to our small screens Wednesday night (Sept. 23), as it looks to pick up exactly where the program left off in all things messy from their fierce opening season. As a quick recap, the first season left viewers with the unsettling cliffhanger that everything was about to hit the fan as Lucious Lyon heads to prison for the murder of Uncle Bunky. Following that, Luscious made his middle son, Jamal, the newest heir to his Empire Entertainment throne. And by the sound of things from Bryshere “Yazz” Gray, who plays the character of Hakeem, it only gets uglier from there.

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“The brothers are now being pitted against each other for the empire, and it’s sad because in the first season, you got to see how much they love each other,” Gray tells MTV News. “Now, with the music and the fame taking over their lives, it’s going down.”

As business begins to come over the priority of family is apparently when things take a turn for the worse for the entire Lyon clan as Gray gives us a sneak peek into what to expect this installment. “This season, Hakeem is doing his own thing,” Gray said. “He’s working with his mother because now that Jamal is in line for the company, he’s taken over – and he’s in charge of the artists on the label, so if Hakeem wants to drop an album, and Jamal’s not gonna let him, it’s gonna get ugly.”

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Well, it sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster and even better meal for those hungry for more out of the Lyon’s den. Knowing co-originator, Lee Daniels, he’ll be far from disappointing this season. “Lee Daniels has created these wonderful monsters,” Gray added. “He’s very passionate about his actors, and he brings the best out of us.”