Cam’ron Is A Game Show Host Now And It’s Kind Of Great


Whenever you add Cam’ron to the fold, something hilarious happens, which is why the Harlem native is the perfect fit for a 90-second commercial as the host of a faux hip-hop game show, Word Up.

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But the fun doesn’t stop there. Teaming up with Hpnotiq–a premium blend of vodka, fruit juices and Cognac–Cam isn’t just the host, he’s also both contestants. There’s a point dexter dude with gray hair and huge bifocals, accented by his suspenders and high-waisted trousers named Herb, who competes against a smooth-talking rapper from Harlem (which was obviously a stretch for him to get into character for.)

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Both Cams have 30 seconds on the clock to solve trivia questions derived from classic hip-hop songs from the 90s to early 2000s, and the prizes range from a money green leather sofa to a two-way pager.

Don’t front on the two-way.

Peep Killa at his finest below.

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