You Probably Won’t Catch Chris Brown In Australia Or New Zealand Any Time Soon

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As time has revealed to us this year, Australia and New Zealand appear to have a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence and any related female-directed aggression. Thanks to the feminist group Collective Shout, Tyler, The Creator has had an ongoing (and now losing) battle with getting the OK to perform there due to 2009 lyrics about rape and violence toward women.

Before that, the undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather had to take an L on trying to do his promotional tour in Australia. The Immigration Department refused to grant him a visa due to his abusive streak with women. Now, the latest person to feel the heat due to his past is Chris Brown.

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According to BBC, Breezy is likely to be denied a visa permitting him to perform in Australia. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that the country’s immigration department has issued a “notice of intention to consider refusal” due to his well-storied 2009 incident with Rihanna. This proves to be problematic, as his new tour is scheduled to hit Aussie turf in December.

This is a new speed bump, as he’s already toured there twice since the incident. Brown now has 28 days to appeal the ruling and present a case as to why he’s suitable for a visa. Then the immigration department will make a final decision.

New Zealand has already banned Breezy from entering the country.