Coca-Cola’s #HispanicHeritageMonth Ad Features Latinos Getting Tatted


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Coca-Cola treated Latinos — one of their biggest consumers —  to a three-minute commercial that displayed a bevy of Spanish-speakers slapping temporary tattoos on their arms and necks.

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In a weak attempt to integrate themselves into the Latino community, Coke offered personalized cans stamped with common last names like “Reyes” and “Garcia.” But what the soft drink giant ended up really doing was reducing the multiplicity of Latinidad to a can of pop and tats.

Dear Coca-Cola: the majority of Latinos do not walk around with their names tatted on their bodies. The “short film” has since received mixed reaction and raised more than an eyebrow.

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With racial tensions growing more and more each day (thanks Trump), do we really need yet another generalization of the Latin community?