A Fan Recently Took A Selfie With Coolio, And It Didn’t End Well


That awkward moment when you take a selfie with a rapper and spill your drink all over him…

This was one fan’s unfortunate reality last week, when she encountered Coolio at Brooklyn, N.Y.’s 90’s Fest festival. Reaching around the rapper’s shoulders for an embrace, she spilled her beer all over his Notorious B.I.G. Ready To Die t-shirt. And of course, she tweeted the incident – because that’s what we do when important things happen:

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Kelia’s faux pas eventually went viral on Reddit, after which she offered a piece of advice to us all:

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So to summarize, here’s what we learned today. One, remember not to throw your arm around famous people (or anyone) with an open can of beer. And two, if you do and happen to go viral, don’t read the comments. Write that down.

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