David Banner Questions The Use Of The N-Word By “Half-Black” Rappers


David Banner was feeling philosophical on Instagram this morning, posing a series of question to his followers regarding the notorious n-word. Turning his attention to white and “half-black” rappers, Banner wondered why they choose to use the n-word, and not other racial derogatory terms.

“Have you ever wondered why white rappers, or half-black rappers, or whatever you want to call them, they always wanna say the word ‘nigga’ right? But they never say ‘cracker,’ or ‘devil’ or any other derogatory term about any other race but blacks,” he said.

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After making the statement about the n-word, Banner turned his attention to black people, question their limits about what they are comfortable being called, and what the stand for.

“Where do you draw the line? What can’t people call you? What can’t people pay you to do? When is it enough? What do you stand for?”

Definitely a conversation starter. Watch David Banner’s thoughts in his videos below:

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