Delta State University Professor Killed In Campus Shooting


A male professor has been fatally shot at Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss., Bolivar County Deputy Coroner Ted Ray, told Fox News. Now, the school is under major lockdown while encouraging everyone to seek shelter and stay put, according to the college’s Twitter account. News outlets claim the person responsible is a man, who is still on the loose.

The educational institution has about 4,000 students enrolled, coming from 20 counties in the Northern region of the state. Reports estimate that about 30 percent of the school’s population lives on campus. The FBI is monitoring the situation. In addition to this, the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Dept, Cleveland Police and Mississippi Highway Patrol are all involved in the investigation.

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Check out the tweets from the school below:

Prayers go up for Delta State. Further details for this story are still pending, as the campus still remains shut down.