Demi Lovato On Iggy Azalea: “She’s Very, Very, Very Real”


For all the flak that Iggy Azalea has fielded this year alone, is it any wonder why the Aussie rapper felt the need to go MIA? Up until days ago, we hadn’t heard from Iggy, or what she’s been up to, musically. After revealing her sophomore album will be entirely produced by D.R.U.G.S., the same collective that worked on her debut mixtape back in 2011, Complex unveiled their latest cover starlet, Demi Lovato.

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In it, Demi Lovato — who rose to prominence as a Disney child actress — opens up about battling drug addiction, eating disorders and bipolarity. Far from a sob story, the 23-year-old Latina also talks about on her tenderhearted relationship with That’s So 70s alumni Wilmer Valderrama and her BFF alliance with — you guessed it — Iggy.

“The reason why we relate a lot to each other and the people around me—my close friends who aren’t necessarily famous or even in the industry—is that we’ve all been through a lot and we’ve come out strong,” she explained. “Iggy has really gone through shit and she’s come out super strong and didn’t let that take her down a devastating path. There’s respect there.”

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After several encounters, including building a ginger bread house together, the two became super close. “She’s very, very, very real. What you see is what you get. I think sometimes that pushes people away, but that’s what I admire about her.” Yes, the same Aussie MC who raps with a Southern accent and has been accused of soliciting ghostwriters, is the realest thing out here.

Alas, who are we to judge?

Demi Lovato covers our October/November 2015 issue. Link in bio.

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