Dwight Howard Accidentally Brought A Loaded Gun To The Airport


Whether you travel once every blue moon, or you’re busy stacking frequent flyer miles to plan that wicked trip to Dubai, everyone is pretty aware bringing a loaded gun to the airport isn’t the swiftest of ideas.

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Well according to reports, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard attempted to go through security at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and was caught by a TSA official with a loaded gun in his carry on.

The 26 9mm Glock ¬†showed up on the scanner and was later discovered to have one round in the chamber. It’s also reported the 6’11 NBA player simply forgot the gun was in the bag, and because Texas gun laws aren’t strict, Howard wasn’t arrested.

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Law enforcement was called to the scene and removed the gun from the airport. As far as Howard, he was able to get back in the security line and board his flight.

Maybe he was having a day. Hey, it happens, right?