Minister Louis Farrakhan Wants Jay Z To Keep Beyonce “Covered”


According to Minister Louis Farrakhan, Jay Z apparently should tell Beyonce to put some clothes on. In a recent interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, the Nation of Islam leader expressed his thoughts on the sexualization of artists like Queen Bey, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Proclaiming that “when you strip a woman down, a man becomes a dog,” Farrakhan discussed how these artists “set styles.”

“Look at Rihanna, look at Nicki Minaj and look at Beyoncé, he said. “These are some of the most beautiful women you could find…These are the people who set styles. Today we strip the women of their clothes, how can a man think straight looking at the beauty of Beyoncé?”

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Turning his attention to Hov, Farrakhan criticized the rap mogul for having his wife “on display.” He stated that while Beyonce and her sexy counterparts are talented, their bodies are now being used to promote “the degradation of the woman, and the subjugation of a man.” He also expressed his belief that Beyonce and other women’s attractiveness coul cause conflict for their men.’

“Jay Z is a good man, Jay Z is a good manager, but now, your woman is on display,” he said. “Do you want men looking at your woman, being tempted by your woman, to make advances at your woman?”

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Farrakhan shared his discussion on Facebook, including an open message to Jay Z:

“To my brother Jay-Z: As much as I love and admire you, I want to see my sister, Beyonce, beautifully covered… You’re responsible.”

Watch Minister Louis Farrakhan’s full interview with Hip Hop Since 1987 below: