Before It Hits iTunes, Stream Fetty Wap’s Self-Titled Debut Album


After months of dominating the radio and charts with inescapable hits, Fetty Wap is ready to make his formal musical debut to the world.

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Mr. 1738’s debut album is set to be released Friday (September 25) but for fans who can’t wait another 24 hours, and for the doubters, take a listen to the full-length album stream below.

Delivered via NPR, the 20 track project features his undeniably catchy “Trap Queen” “679” and his latest single “Jugg” featuring fellow Remy Boy and his right hand Monty.

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Whether you’re a fan, or think Fetty might be a fluke, he’s commanding the music industry’s attention. Listen to what Mr. Wap has to say below and pre-order his album here

1. “Trap Queen”
2. “How We Do Things” (Feat. Monty)
3. “679” (Feat. Monty)
4. “Jugg” (Feat. Monty)
5. “Trap Luv”
6. “I Wonder”
7. “Again”
8. “My Way” (Feat. Monty)
9. “Time” (Feat. Monty)
10. “Boomin”
11. “RGF Island”
12. “D.A.M.”
13. “No Days Off” (Feat. Monty)
14. “I’m Straight”
15. “Couple Bands”
16. “Rock My Chain” (Feat. M80)
17. “Rewind” (Feat. Monty)

Deluxe Edition:
18. “Let It Bang”
19. “For My Team” (Feat. Monty)
20. “Whateva” (Feat. Monty)