Fetty Wap Responds To Young Fan Who Was Inspired By Him To Live Without Prosthetic Eye


On Wednesday (Sept. 16), a touching news story appeared stating Fetty Wap served as the inspiration for a young fan to live life without his prosthetic eye.

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Jayden Vaden, who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at the age of one, and his mother Brenda, took to social media to publicly thank the “RGF Island” artist, writing, “This young rapper unknowingly gave Jayden something we weren’t able to give him-the confidence to be different- and I am grateful to him. Thanks to Fetty Wap for saying F the world this is me, and for helping make our baby boy just a little more remarkable than he already is. And we’ll be purchasing his album, a small thank you to him for changing Jayden’s life forever.”

After being notified of the story, the New Jersey native took to Instagram to also share his gratitude:

“All I wanna do is show people that it’s not how you look or what you see it’s how you see it and what your looking for from yourself,” Fetty said. “I appreciate his confidence I appreciate you taking the time out for me and thank you for being a fan or me as a person and thank lil man for being a fan of Fetty Wap.”

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Everyone has continued to show Fetty love since he appeared on the music scene this year with the hit “Trap Queen,” to co-signs from fellow rappers like Kanye West and Drake. He’s also gearing up to release his debut self-titled album on Sept. 25, which solely features his Remy Boys cohorts Monty, and M80.