Unfortunately For Everyone, Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’ Just Got The Kidz Bop Treatment

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Everybody loves a good remix, right? Well, by a show of hands, who was anxiously awaiting a daycare-friendly remix on one of summer 2015’s hottest songs? Whether your hand went up or not, the good ol’ internet found a way to turn Fetty Wap’s wildly infectious ode to hood love, “Trap Queen,” into a cheesy, suburban kids mix.

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Pint-sized Tennessee-born singer George Dalton has given the Kidz Bop-esque video treatment to the song, with stationary Cadillacs, smokey doo-wop backdrops and a live band in tow. And of course there will be red-lipped little girls with pigtails in the kitchen busting out intense choreo while baking—you guessed it—pies!

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Twitter had a good laugh when they caught wind of the fifth grade bake sale-inspired video, which was released back in July of this year.

While the effort was a cute one for the youngins’, we’re not so sure we needed a totally lily white revamp of the entire video to make it kid-appropriate. Wait no, there was one little boy of color in the video. He was the chauffeur, though.

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If the spirit so moves you, watch the full video right here.