A Fan Asked Floyd Mayweather “What Are Those?” Last Night, And He Responded Mid-Fight


What has been dubbed as Floyd Mayweather’s final bout took place on Saturday night (Sept. 12) as the boxer beat Andre Berto and secured his history-making 49-0 record. Tying Rocky Marciano for the most fights won by an undefeated champ, Mayweather is expected to bow out gracefully from the sport. But this was not without a little bit of trolling from spectators, both at the MGM Grand and those who coughed up money – or didn’t – for pay-per-view.

As Mayweather and Berto did their dance in the ring, one fan employed a popular Vine joke from the sidelines, asking the leader of The Money Team, “What are thooose?” Catching wind of the quip, Mayweather actually paused to offer a reply:

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That wasn’t the only jab taken at Mayweather by hands other than Berto’s. Oscar De La Hoya – whom Mayweather beat by split decision in 2007 – activated his Twitter fingers to share that he opted to watch Disney movies instead of the fight. He also referred to Mayweather’s undefeated run as the “worst boxing era.”

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Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao shared how he kills time when he’s “bored” during Mayweather’s fight:

What I do when I’m bored. Hehe

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According to Yahoo! Sports, Mayweather cemented his exit from boxing in his interview following the match. “You’ve got to know when it’s time to hang it up, and it’s my time to hang up,” he said. “I’ve been in the sport 19 years and been a world champion for 18. I have nothing else to prove in the sport of boxing