Freeway Has Been Diagnosed With Kidney Failure

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Attendees of Freeway’s upcoming Free Fest showcase may have to wait a few more days for the event as its being reported the Philadelphia artist has been diagnosed with kidney failure.

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A source close to Freeway, real name Leslie Edward Pridgen, says he learned of his diagnosis following a routine check up with his doctor.

The 37 year old was then rushed in for emergency dialysis upon discovery, and will undergo another round of treatment Friday. (September 18)

Free Fest was slated for Saturday, September 19 and maybe subject to change due to Freeway’s health.

Beginning at 11am, attendees could participate in a hip-hop themed festival and enjoy a DJ showcase, freestyle cyphers venders food and more, with a concert later that day starring Freeway and some of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

Rest up and get better, Freeway.