Freeway On His Road To Recovery From Kidney Failure: “I Asked Allah To Help Me Get Through It”

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Earlier this month, Philly MC Freeway was diagnosed with kidney failure after undergoing a routine checkup after which he was rushed to the hospital.

READ: Freeway Shares Update On Health Condition

Since then, the Philly rapper has shared several Instagram posts about his treatment and recovery. Now, he’s opened up about the health scare and his journey so far in an interview with

READ: Freeway Shares Update On Health Condition

“I had a routine physical with my primary care doctor. I gave blood one day and I went on the road for the weekend,” Freeway said to BET. “Then I came back and I was at home lying in bed and I got a call from my primary care physician who told me to get to the closest emergency room because my levels was off. My kidney functions was real low and everything was just out of wack. I didn’t know what it was. I was just in tears.”

Since then, Freeway has shared a few Instagram post about his condition and recovery. During a sit-down with the bearded rapper opened up about his health condition, recovery and more.