George Clinton And Kendrick Lamar Deliver A Funky Track With ‘Ain’t That Funkin’ Kind Of Hard On You’


It’s Friday, and whether you had a long work week or you’re unemployed, kicking off the weekend with some new tunes will help make the lituation even more lit.

Funk pioneer George Clinton taps Kendrick Lamar for the Louie Vega remix to “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?” The uptempo beat is drenched with synths, bounce and of course, loads of funk.

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The collaboration between Clinton and Kendrick isn’t a first. Clinton made an appearance on K.Dot’s “Wesley’s Theory” alongside Thundercat off his number one selling LP To Pimp A Butterfly.

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While the cooler temps have arrived and we must bid farewell to days at the beach, “Ain’t That Funkin Kind of Hard On You?” is that one last song that still gives you that summer cookout vibe.

Spin the record below