George Lopez As The Mexican Donald Trump Will Make You LOL


Comedian George Lopez may be crowned “King of Trolling” after his most hilarious impression yet. In the Funny Or Die production, Lopez stars as “Donaldo Trumpez,” the 48th richest man who made his fortune from developing soccer fields and brothels.

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Like Trump, Trumpez also wants to make his country great again by constructing a wall to block out the United States. In his opinion, the U.S. has only brought Mexico rapists and drunken frat boys. “We gave them Salma Hayek, an incredible actress,” says Trumpez. “And in return the United States sent fugitives, who murdered our wives!”

Trumpez goes on to express his disdain for Americans flooding his cities with coke-addicted, party animals. He asserts that Mexico is more than donkey shows or topless women on the beaches of Cancun. The satirical, presidential hopeful tells it exactly how it is in his hilarious sit-down.

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