This Grandma Was Not Impressed By Drake And Future’s “Jumpman” Lyrics


Apparently, everybody isn’t a fan of Champagne Papi and Future Hendrix’s recent collaboration. Someone’s adorable grandma was tasked with the arduous responsibility of reciting the lyrics from “Jumpman” from the duo’s new project What a Time to Be Alive – and was more turned off than turned up.

Grandma confusingly tried to interpret the pair’s Jordan-inspired track to much personal chagrin as she mistook Chi-town for Chee-town (she said it sounded like a word with Chinese origin), read “dopeman” as her husband’s heart medication dopamine, before being blown away after learning that the bars were written by “professionals.”

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This older woman, however, is no regular granny. She is actually an Internet sensation known for poking fun at pop culture with her two sisters as part of their YouTube channel entitled 3GoldenSistersTV. The no-nonsense trio’s viral clips include one in which they watched and discussed the Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape. They also tried their hands at more lyrical recitation, including Kanye West’s spin on Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” which caught Oprah’s attention in 2013.

Though the sisters’ short-lived reality show Golden Sisters, only lasted on Winfrey’s network for one season, you can enjoy one sibling’s hilarious antics in the video below: