Is This Why Jay Z Deleted His Instagram Account So Quickly?


The Internet was in a frenzy last week when Jay Z caved and created an Instagram account. Unfortunately, the joy, expectancy, and pure wonderment faded quickly, as Hov deleted his account less that 24 hours later. And while folks are used to Mr. Carter’s (very) rare appearance on social media, his fade to black on the ‘gram came as a shock for some.

Enter Meek Mill to offer some insight. Lamenting at the overall lack of respect some people display online, the rapper took to Instagram to share that Jay Z warned him of the types of people who troll on social media:

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Jayz once told me this social media world was created for people that wouldn’t even speak if they wasn’t present …. For people that was scared to approach a male/female and hold a conversation if they wanted to a number or ask to go on a date! He also said you can’t speak truth on here because this is the fake people world and they gone hate you for that ..

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This may speak to why Hov is a man of few words on Twitter, opting out of following anyone, while his 3.21 million followers await his next 140-character thought. The last time offered an extended stay on the site was to address criticisms aimed at his TIDAL streaming service, which was more of a public service announcement. There was also that time he held a Q&A with fans ahead of the release of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album – which was basically a momentous occasion in comparison to anything else he’s done online.

Seems like Hov just isn’t here for the social media world.

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