No Shade Here: Joe Budden Pens Eminem Tribute “SlaughterMouse”


Joe Budden wants to make Eminem proud. On his tribute to the Shady Records boss “SlaughterMouse” (a nod to Joey’s rap group, Slaughterhouse), the New Jersey rep treats the booth like his diary, detailing his thanks to Marshall Mathers and how Em inspired him to step his bars up.

“Still when I hear your voice, my head goes wrong/ Takes me back to that little boy with my headphones on,” he raps. “And the way you saved my life back then is how I’m savin’ them/ Plaques and charted tracks won’t take me away from them/ So I hope you understand/ Fuck this record deal, you inspired me as a man.”

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Budden also spoke about his appreciation for Slim Shady in a recent interview with Genius’ Rob Markman, calling “SlaughterMouse” his “‘Stan’ record.”

“I can’t explain what that record did…Who was this man putting these words together this way, going through this, feeling like this? That’s how I feel. I just can’t rap this good,” he said,

“SlaughterMouse” will appear on Budden’s forthcoming album, All Love Lost, expected to light up iTunes and timelines come Oct. 16.