Thanks To Fatherhood, Kanye West Has Taken A More Relaxed Approach To Designing


In true Kanye fashion (literally and figuratively speaking), Mr. West deemed himself a success yet again with his Yeezy Season 2 show, which hit the New York Fashion Week scene by surprise this week. Throughout the fashion frenzy, Kanye took time to sit down with Vogue’s very own Andre Leon Talley to express his goals as a designer as well as how fatherhood has transformed him into a more “relaxed” person.

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“Just development. Developing my language. I can say what I’m doing is getting closer into what I’m dreaming about…I like form. I like shape. It’s one way you express yourself during a presentation like this,” West said of his design evolution. “But I like all people and I try to demonstrate that by casting. I want to demonstrate that I can learn and follow through the rules of fashion, so that I can work with amazing people. I want to work with the highest level of people in fashion.”

With all eyes on Ye’s latest manifestation of his dreams, there’s no question that the real star of the show is his daughter, North West, who steals the spotlight with her cutesy candid moments with Kim front row at shows. And by next year, Mini Yeezy will be the next NYFW attendee. Daddy West opened up about North’s effect on him as a father and as an overall person.

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“It’s definitely about being as relaxed as possible,” he said with a smile. “And being able to swing my daughter around and be able to run the pony camera.” The future looks continuously bright for Kanye, as both a designer and father awaits the arrival the newest member of the tribe called West.