Kanye West Got Under One Designer’s Skin With His Surprise Yeezy Season 2 Show


Mr. West is back it again, and by that, we mean finding a way to ruffle the feathers of a few people in high places. During the fashion frenzy that is New York Fashion Week, fashion designer Anne Bowan had her eyes set on presenting her Nomad VII collection with no interruption whatsoever today (Sept. 16). Unfortunately for her, Kanye West had his eyes set on the same time slot.

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Yeezy dropped a bomb on everyone by announcing a surprise New York show for his Yeezy Season 2 collection, which took place at the same exact time as Bowan’s show. The designer didn’t back away from the chance to voice her frustrations at the newly-conflicted NYFW scheduling.

“We have been prepping for a year for this at considerable financial, labor, and commitment-cost to our company,” she told WWD. “Our show date has been scheduled for months and has been on the Fashion Calendar for weeks. We went through all the proper channels to make this a reality. And just yesterday we learned that Kanye West is having a show at the same time on the same date as ours. Kanye knows he is a media sensation and it is just not ethical to do this. It’s like we are David and he is Goliath. We have put our heart and soul into our show, and should not be stepped on like this.”

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It sounds like Kanye has a Taylor Swift-like situation on his hands all over again, but will this one end in all roses and daises is the real question.