Kendrick Lamar Nears The Final Stage Of Closing “Rigamortis” Sample Lawsuit

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TDE’s Kendrick Lamar is close to settling a copyright infringement suit over “Rigamortis,” a song from his debut album Section.80, Bossip reports. 

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Jazz musicians Willie Jones III and Eric Reed said that Lamar snatched the rhythm and musical bed from their song, “The Thorn,” without crediting or financially compensating them for their work. In the lawsuit, which was filed in September of 2014, the musicians requested $1 million (to include damages, lost earnings, back royalties and lawyer’s fees) and rights to the song they claim the Compton native stole, but changed the lyrics to.

Though both songwriters and Lamar have declined to comment on the status of the lawsuit, court records state that such is almost a closed case and an agreement could be reached as soon as this week. According to the documents, “Parties report that they have reached a settlement and are awaiting two signatures.” 

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The “Rigamortis” lawsuit is not the “Alright” rapper’s first time in the courtroom. Just two months ago, he was sued by a photographer who claimed Lamar used a picture of his to promote the single “The Blacker The Berry” without consent.

In promotion of his 2015 melody, Lamar used an image taken by Giordano Cipriani, a published freelance photographer. Cipriani, who took the picture in Africa in 2011, too claims that he received no compensation and is asking for the payment of lawyer’s fees, damages (including $150,000 every time the photograph was used) and an injunction that would stop Lamar from using his work.