Kevin Hart Is On A Mission To Be David Beckham’s Clone In A New Short Film

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Kevin Hart knows how to impersonate some funny people on stage, and it looks like that talent is put to good use in his newest short film. Instead of impersonating family members and friends, the comedian and actor is taking on David Beckham.

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The short film, which is actually a seven-minute campaign for H&M’s “Modern Essentials,” features both David Beckham and Hart. The film follows Kevin Hart, who has recently been cast as David Beckham in his movie, iBeckham. To get more into character, he moves into a reluctant Beckham’s New York apartment. After making himself at home and shadowing the soccer superstar, Kevin gets a little too comfortable, overstepping his boundaries and adopting Beckham’s every move and clothing choice.

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Of course putting Kevin Hart’s funny personality with David Beckham’s British accent and wit, the film is nothing short of a good laugh. Watch the mini flick here.