Life Is Beautiful 2015: What A Time To Be Chance The Rapper

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Chance The Rapper might be the perfect rap representation of the phrase “life is beautiful.”

Taking the stage for the festival of the same name, the love for Chancelor Bennett was in abundance as fans flocked to the Ambassador Stage for a set that was 50 minutes too short. Zeroing in on his Acid Rap opus, Chance kicked things off with “Everybody’s Something,” a song that may also serve as a perfect representation of the event’s theme. Diving into a high energy rendition of “Pusha Man/Paranoia,” the rapper was two songs into high-energy bars, and still made time to formally introduce himself.

“My name is Chance The Rapper and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. Nice to meet you if I haven’t met you before,” he said.

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Pleasantries in tact, Chance and his signature White Sox cap proceeded to the lituation, rounding up a list of notable collabs: “Baby Blue,” “Heaven Only Knows” and “Favorite Song” (sans Action Bronson, Towkio and Childish Gambino). Putting his hops, true to form vocals and footwork to good use, the energy failed to subside, as Chance enacted a call-and-response caw, “oooh! oooh!” to occasionally take the temperature of the crowd before blasting off jams such as “Juice” and “Home Studio.” He also made a point to offer his set as a gift to his audience, making it clear that the night belongs to them, before performing the fan favorite “Cocoa Butter Kisses.”

“This is real music, not no shit they give you on the radio,” he said. “This is shit that you found and liked, or at first you didn’t like, but you stayed on it. This is your show, I’m just a part of it. I want you to enjoy it. This is your song.”

Chance’s time at Life Is Beautiful was filled with moments. There was that one time he mentioned his brand new baby girl before performing his good ass outro, “Everything’s Good.” And that other time he got a little winded just in time to take a sitting break to perform “Chain Smoker.” If there was anything more fans could have asked of Chance, it would simply be for more time to make more moments. But It was short and sweet, like “Sunday Candy” on a Saturday.