Lil Wayne Is Allegedly Wearing Nothing But Socks In A Sex Tape Someone Is Trying To Sell…


Someone is trying to induct Lil Wayne into the sex tape hall of fame.

A romp with two women may have landed the Young Money boss in some hot water, as one of the members of the threesome is reportedly attempting to shop around footage of their time together. According to TMZ, the tape has been presented to “big porn companies.” Wayne, who apparently was not aware that the sexual encounter was being recorded, is not threatening to sue it was released to the public. To be more precise, a rep for Weezy said, “We’ll sue the hell out of them,” according to the site.

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There is sweeping doubt that the tape will ever make it to a computer screen near you, as the porn giants will likely not risk heading to court against Lil Wayne. Seeing as how Weezy has enough legal fish to fry – including his impending suit against Birdman, the motion David Banner filed against him, and the $2 million he was ordered to pay for allegedly breaking a private jet lease – it may be better for everyone this way.

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