Michael Jordan Made More Money Selling Kicks Than Playing In The NBA


One fact that is made clear by Internet frenzies that happen every weekend is the well-oiled money machine of sneaker culture. And one man who is now a walking example of sneaker culture is Michael Jordan. As the masses struggle to be faster than bots on Saturday mornings, pay inflated prices to cop early or late, and post photos on their social media as proof of purchase, one thing’s for sure: Jordan’s pockets have remained on swole. But you may be surprised by just how swole.

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Turns out Jordan actually made more off of his sneakers last year than he made during his entire time in the NBA. Raking in a cool $100 million, the whopping total outweighed the $94 million Jordan earned in his 15-season run as a player. An infograph by PBS revealed Jordan’s winning year in kicks:


The PBS study also revealed that America accounts for about 40 percent of sneaker consumers around the world, with sales between June 2014 and June 2015 hitting $34 billion. A whopping 99 percent of sneakers sold in the U.S. are also imported from other countries. Talk about a lucrative obsession.

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