According To Michelle Rodriguez, The ‘Furious 7′ Crew Is On The Fast Track To ‘F8′

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The Fast & Furious franchise is gearing up to add another installment to its lineup, and actress Michelle Rodriguez says it’s coming pretty soon. “Next summer!” she told E! News. “Yeah, we’re trying to round up the troops.”

Following a triumphant yet emotional blockbuster Furious 7 with the tragic loss of actor Paul Walker, the cast looks to dedicate the next chapter to him while moving on in a positive light. “We need a good reason to move on after Paul,” she explained. “And being that this is a global franchise now, it’s not just the American baby, it’s important that we consider moving on and take it seriously.”

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Set for an April 2017 release, the rumored name for the film came to fruition a la Vin Diesel, who explained the meaning behind the ‘F8’ nickname at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. “Paul used to say that 8 was guaranteed and, in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you have to make sure it comes to pass,” Diesel said. “So, if fate has it – fate, F8 – then you’ll get it. Furious 7 was for Paul; 8 is from Paul.”

After hitting every destination possible in their previous films, the cast looks to hit the Big Apple next for F8. “We were looking at New York, and I think the studio was open to that so keep fingers crossed!” Rodriguez said of hopefully returning home for her first film since 2000. “It’ll be my first movie at home since Girl Fight!”

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The film is currently still in the beginning stages of production and for everyone involved, they want to make sure that the intentions are just right when it all comes together for the silver screen. “Us as a cast, I think we need a reason and it needs to have heart, so hopefully we’ll find it, you know?” she said. “And somebody who’s passionate about directing it. I think that’s the most important thing. Finding a good director.”

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