New Jersey Man Calls In Bomb Threat To Sidestep Court Appearance


For this New Jersey resident, his day in court came too soon. As a means to dodge his mandated court appearance, Jermaine McCain decided to fake a bomb threat at the Mercer County Criminal Courthouse.

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On Thursday (Sept. 17), McCain reportedly called 911 and threatened to bomb the establishment. Once apprehended by authorities after the call was traced back to McCain, which was preceded by a high speed chase, he revealed the reason for this gesture was simply because the 36-year-old “had things to do,” the police report.

For his actions, McCain is being held on a $50,000 bail at the Bucks County Jail in Doylestown, Penn. and charged with making a false emergency and evading the authorities. It’s still unclear why McCain was originally scheduled to appear in court.

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