New York City Honors Don Francisco With His Own Street


Don Francisco was greeted by hundreds of loyal fans as he approached a New York City plaza in Washington Heights, to see his internationally known persona on a new street sign. The legendary host of Sabado Gigante was honored with an extended stretch of 167th Street, which now bears the new alias “Don Francisco Boulevard.”

“Somehow they are saying ‘what a pity you’re leaving, good-bye, thank you very much’ and vice versa, I should be saying thanks to them, because they are the representatives, here in Washington Heights, of all of our viewers in the United States,” said Francisco, whose real name is Mario Kreutzberger.

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The honor is here days before Univision’s most beloved primetime series comes to an end after 53 years on air. The show that everyone’s abuela couldn’t miss on Saturday night still holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running variety show in the United States. After it first premiered in 1962,  Sabado Gigante quickly gained popularity throughout South America before relocating to Miami, FL in 1986. Kreutzberger brought the show to Univision, who helped him syndicate the show and make it an international hit.

While fans from around the world are genuinely sad to see the show reach its denouement, the Chilean TV mogul isn’t ready to bow out of show biz just yet. According to Fox News, el don has plans for a new show.

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“I am throwing around some ideas,” he said. “I have an idea to create a talk show, I want to do a docu-reality, I want to produce for others, I want to develop new talent, I want to do as much as I can as long as my mental and physical capabilities allow me.”

His loyal legion of admirers will surely await for what’s next.