Officer Involved In The Arrest Of A Black Man Holding A Golf Club Has Been Fired


It seems as if holding golf clubs are also now illegal.

Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch (pictured above) who arrested 69 year old William Wingate because of his refusal to drop his golf club that he’s used as a cane for 20 years, has been let go from the police force, according to reports.

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In July 2014, Whitlatch pulled up to Wingate on the corner in her cruiser. The dashcam shows Whitlatch yelling at Wingate to drop the club and said he swung the club at her and the audio and video recording would back up her claims. Wingate, confused by the officer’s claims, said he did no such thing and refused to drop his golf club.

Wingate, who is now 70, was convicted of unlawfully using a weapon, and under a plea deal the charges would be dismissed providing Wingate didn’t have any other offenses in the last two years. The charges were later dismissed (he had never been arrested) but behavioral complaints against Whitlach began to surface. Most notably, her Facebook comments surrounding the riots in Ferguson.

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With no evidence to support Whitlach’s version of events, coupled with her racially-charged posts, and behavioral complaints she was removed from her position in January and fired Tuesday. (September 15)

“I was disappointed by your failure … to take any responsibility, or show any understanding that your conduct at issue here was inappropriate,” Chief Kathleen O’Toole wrote in Whitlatch’s disciplinary action report.”