Pope Francis Cracks Up At The Sight Of His Infant Doppelganger


The people’s pope loves a wicked sense of humor and, as such, couldn’t control his laughter at the sight of “Baby Pope” in Philadelphia. During his final hours in the city of brotherly love, the parents of the infant doppelganger, born Quinn Madden, dressed their bundle of joy in faux papal regalia for Saturday’s parade. Her father Daniel Madden held her up as the Pope passed, and witnessed Francis laugh hysterically upon seeing Quinn. Of course he quickly summoned her to the popemobile.

After the Pope kissed and blessed the child, Madden was informed by the security guard that Francis said his family had “a great sense of humor.” Little Quinn was one of hundreds of babies passed to Pope Francis during his obligatory parade. After making stops in Washington, D.C. and New York City, El Papa spent his final hours in Philly, hosting a large Mass on Sunday and meeting with victims of child sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

Oh my Pope! 😳👶🏼 #babypope

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Watch the Pope explode with laughter when he sees “baby pope.”