Premiere: STELLA Does A Bluesy Rendition Of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

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Last month, VIBE Viva gave a proper introduction to Stella Santana via an in-depth interview that detailed her growing up in the household of a legendary guitarist. After releasing her very first pair of singles, “Friends” and “Switch,” and making her way around radio stations in New York City, Stella took to the booth to remix one of today’s most popular Drake songs.

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“I don’t know why but the song just sounded sad to me, like he missed her,” she told VIBE Viva. “And I guess it kind of can seem like he’s dissing her but to me, it just seemed like he’s mad she doesn’t need him anymore.”

The flower child slowed down the tempo and flexed her bluesy vocals for a unique, dreamy take on recalling an old flame. “It’s minor chords, which I love, so I just started messing around with it on the piano and singing it slower and kinda sad-ish.”

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