Famed Astrologist Walter Mercado Predicts Donald Trump’s Political Future


Walter Mercado isn’t one to make political statements. Yet even the Puerto Rican astrologist and his muses had to weigh in on Donald Trump with an unusual prediction.

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After receiving an overwhelming amount of requests from his global legion of followers, Mercado felt the need to address Trump’s presidential bid and his bigoted statements on Latino immigrants. In an audio video published via his YouTube channel, the beloved astrologer said what most scorned Latinos already know.

“Trump’s dream of becoming president of the most important nation in the world … will diminish once the people discover his egocentrism, xenophobia, erroneous intentions … and his lack of knowledge,” said Mercado.

In his astrological analysis of the business tycoon, Mercado stated that Trump is his “own worst enemy” due to the fact that he was born under the fire dog, according to Chinese astrology. He added that Trump is wrong for thinking he could simply buy himself into leadership. “Consciousness is not bought nor sold, it is achieved,” said the horoscopes maven. “Trump is a distorted figure.”

Mercado wouldn’t close out without treating Trump to several seats in the shade. His expertise concluded that the former reality TV star has a “slim” future in politics.

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Peep the full analysis, below.