Raul Castillo Will Be The First Actor To Play This Batman Villain


Mexican-American actor Raul Castillo will be the first actor to portray Batman’s most mysterious face-eating villain Eduardo Flamingo, on FOX’s Gotham. The TV series based on the infamous DC comic picked up Castillo to join it’s already strong, Latina cast consisting of Zabryna Guevara, Morena Baccarin and Victoria Cartagena. Castillo will make his official debut in episode nine of Season 2.

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Eduardo Flamingo was omitted from showing face (or eating them, rather) in all the major, live-action film adaptations of Batman. Castillo will be the first actor to portray the master assassin, who has the tendency to consume the faces of his victims after they die. The “evil Zorro” persona is a dramatic switch-up from his previous role on HBO’s Looking, which was recently cancelled.

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