Rihanna’s Financial Advisor Reportedly Claimed She Was Hot Because She Wasn’t “Too Dark”


Apparently, someone at a New York City financial management firm believes he is an authority on what constitutes beauty, based on skin color. Flynn Family Office, a firm that works with Rihanna, has come under fire after details were revealed in a recent lawsuit filed against them. Alan Kufeld, a partner at the firm, once remarked that the Bajan star was “hot” because she was “not too dark,” according to The New York Post.

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Kufiled has allegedly made a host of sexist and racist statements during his tenure with the firm, making inappropriate remarks about clients and employees. The lawsuit also claimed that Kufiled once said an assistant “lost points in his eyes because she was too dark,” as well as offered a “monologue on what Caribbean nationalities were the most attractive based on skin tone.” Flynn Family Office also works with other stars such as Katie Holmes and Tory Burch.

The company’s CEO, Rick Flynn, released a statement in response to the lawsuit.

“We at FFO have always championed the rights of women and minorities, particularly in the workplace,” he said. “The complaint filed today is without merit, and we intend to defend vigorously against these baseless claims.”

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