FYI, She Sings Too: Sanaa Lathan Taps Dej Loaf And Detail For Her Debut Single, “Emotional”


In case you were wondering, Sanaa Lathan is not here for “emotional n***as.”

On her debut track – inspired by Michael Ealy’s character in their new film The Perfect Guy – the actress introduces one of her other talents, singing. Taking aim at men who call too much and don’t take control, the on-screen star steps to the mic to whip dudes back into shape. Titled “Emotional,” featuring Dej Loaf and produced by Detail, Lathan offers a few tips on the R&B track.

“Baby why you call so early / Always trying to check up on me / Sending all these messages to me / Keep it up you’ll never know me / Fall back and let me miss you,” she sings.

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In an interview with Yahoo!, Detail revealed that the track was recorded just two weeks ago, and stemmed from a conversation he had with Lathan after seeing the trailer for The Perfect Guy. He also shared that adding Dej to the mix was Lathan’s idea, and that the Detroit rapping/singing hybrid “went crazy” for the track.

“I was looking at the trailer and I said, ‘Wow. That’s an emotional n***a,” Detail said. “Everybody started laughing and Sanaa said, ‘Exactly.’ The song came out so good, we just got excited and she said, ‘Hey, I want to make this a woman thing.’ We sent it to Dej Loaf and she went crazy like, ‘I love this record.’ She recorded it when she came out for the MTV VMAs. This was like 14 days ago.”

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“Emotional” will appear on The Perfect Guy soundtrack. Get your first listen of Sanaa Lathan on wax below: