The “Scandal” Season Five Trailer Will Kill You And Then Bring You Back To Life


Thursdays simply aren’t the same now that Scandal isn’t on.

Ever since season four came to an end, there’s no real incentive to log on Twitter and Tweet with the rest of the Gladiators. Life just doesn’t have the same umph it once did.

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But all that’s about to change come September 24. Olivia Pope and associates will return with what appears to be an even juicier, twisted, mind-bending season filled with lies, deceit and of course sex.

The 30 second trailer ,premiered Thursday night, shows that Liv and Fitz have found their way back to each other, while Fitz and Mellie may finally be calling it quits.

In a matter of seconds, Gladiators all over are gasping at the brief preview and probably counting down the days until season five premieres.

Check out the trailer below, but be warned Gladiators, you may just pass out from awesomeness.